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Curtain making Dynasty

Pat is one of the current generation of the Giddens family continuing a tradition of curtain making that dates back to the late 19th Century.

Jonas Giddens

In the late 1870's, Jonas made a break from the family's farming heritage to work as a drapers assistant for a silk merchant in Southampton. By the 1880's he had established himself as a Drapers Manager on the Isle of Wight selling cloths and associated sundries. He continued in the trade as a Drapers Commercial Traveler selling fabrics across the country.

Herbert Giddens

The youngest son of Jonas, Herbert, was born in 1878 and followed his father into the industry. Herbert began his career as a Draper's Assistant in Manchester, which was the heart of the textile industry in the UK. He eventually settled in Lincoln, where he established a successful upholstery business, 'H.E.Giddens'.

Reginald Elliott Giddens

Born in 1908, Reginald joined his father in the business and by the 1930's was established as a driving force in the industry, decorating many of the local large country houses. By the 1960's Reginald had moved from his original premises on Steep Hill, Lincoln, to a purpose built workshop in Drury Lane, Lincoln, which had been designed by his architect son Kenneth.

Maurice Giddens (1933-1999)

Maurice inherited his father's talents. He expanded the reach of the family business, spending much of his time on projects in London, Europe and as far field as Oman. Maurice was a great craftsman and an inspired designer, turning an already well established business into an international success.

The current generation

It has been hard to escape the clutches of the family business. All Maurice's eight children spent much of their childhood 'hanging around' the workshop, just playing with curtain rings and fabrics but later helping when required. Pat graduated with a degree in Textiles from Leeds University. She established the current business in London in 1993, following a period of working in fashion and then antique textiles. 

At Pat Giddens Ltd, our highly specialised team and pre-dominantly in-house, so all work is carefully monitored. We pride ourselves on our reliability and efficiency. The experience and knowledge of several generations ensures we produce work of the highest standard. Pat's unique knowledge of antique and ethnic textiles and historical styles, greatly adds to what the company can offer. We fit everything ourselves, ensuring our high standards are maintained right to the very end.

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